African Cities we Want to Visit in 2016

African Cities we Want to Visit in 2016

‘Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before’, Dalai Lama

There are so many African cities to visit but the question is, which one first? We all know and love popular cities like Cape Town, Morocco, Nairobi and Dakar, but they are so many more amazing cities we are yet to conquer. Here is a list of other cities you may want to add to your travel wish list:


  • Cairo in Egypt is a beautiful city full of culture and history.  The city is situated on the River Nile and close to the Ancient Egyptian cities where you can see the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Cairo is a highly populated city and is referred to as the Hollywood of the Arab world due to its large film and music industries.  There are lots of museums like the Egyptian Nation Museum where you can learn more about the history and see ancient artefacts.


  • Lagos, Nigeria is one of the largest populated cities in Africa.  The city is no longer the capital of Nigeria but is still very important across the whole of west Africa.  Lagos has a buzzing day and night life with large markets and night clubs dotted around the city.  If you are ever in Lagos during Easter, be sure to attend the colourful, charismatic Lagos carnival.


  • Luanda, Angola is known to be the most expensive city for expatiates to live in Africa.  The city is on the coast of the Atlantic ocean with beautiful beaches and islands nearby.  Angola is extremely oil-rich and the streets of Luanda are heavily congested with cars and motorbikes, which is probably due to the low cost of fuel.  Must do in Luanda is stroll across the natural harbour.


  •  Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and is also known as the political capita of Africa as it is home to organisations like the African Union and the Economic Commission for Africa. The city is very commercial with high-rise buildings hosting offices, banks and government ministries.  The city has a large population (c3million) and recently opened a light railway system, which is the first of its kind in east Africa to support public transport.


  • The main attraction of Zanzibar City the capital of Zanzibar is ‘Stone Town’, which is one of two parts of the city.  Stone Town, which is known as the old part of the city is renowned for its architectural features like its finely carved wooden doors. The city also has stunning beaches, and crystal clear waters that are excellent for water sports like scuba diving and snorkelling in the Indian Ocean.  Interesting fact about Zanzibar?  Freddy Mercury was born there and raised there.


Which African city you will be going to next?

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