Are you an Afro-Nomad?

Are you an Afro-Nomad?

Our (made up) definition of Afro-Nomad is someone who loves travelling around Africa!  We’ve come across some inspiring Afro-Nomads who are really flying the flag for travelling the African continent and we wanted to share their journeys with you.  Hope they inspire you to book your next flight to somewhere in Africa today!  Or if you don’t want to travel alone, you can always join our travel club and come on one of our trips 🙂


Unravelling Nigeria
Who knew there are waterfalls and camping spots in Nigeria?  Have you seen the Emir of Dutse’s Palace (featured image) in northern Nigeria? Let’s be real, Nigeria isn’t at the top of ones go to travel destinations, however after visiting Lola’s website you may just add it to your bucket list.  Unravelling Nigeria was created to showcase Nigeria’s true tourism potential and we can’t wait to see these amazing sights when we visit!


Vuyiswa Matomane
One girl, one continent and a load of festivals. Vuyiswa is finding her way around Africa to attend some of the best music festivals it has to offer.  From Lake of Stars in Malawi to the Bayimba Arts Festival in Uganda, she loves the music, food and most importantly the people.  We are sure to bump into her at a festival at some point 🙂


Beauty and colors

The Travelling Man
We really admire Ndumiso.  What a great achievement to have travelled to 43 African countries so far!  An amazing photographer and film maker who has shown the world a beautiful Africa throughout his journey.  You can check his story on Africa As One blog or view some of his amazing videos on  YouTube.


Are you an Afro-Nomad?  We would love to hear about your African adventure.   Do you know an Afro-Nomad?  Tell them we would like to share their stories.  Get social and tag us in your Twitter and Instagram posts #AfroNomad or email 🙂

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