Travel Africa Twitter Chat

Travel Africa Twitter Chat

We absolutely love everything to do with travel and Africa, so what better way to share what we love with others than to talk about it?  We; @MYAFRICANPASS have teamed up with a few other travel Africa experts (@MISSYOLISA1, @MZANSIGIRL, @TOWIGHANA and @UNRAVELLINGNGR) plotted across the continent and came up with a weekly ‘Travel Africa Twitter Chat’.



A Twitter chat is when a group of people all tweet about a particular subject using a specific hashtag (#) so everyone can follow the conversation.  The chats are facilitated by a host, held on an arranged day/time and often repeated weekly to discuss a new subject.



We advertise a new chat on Twitter and Instagram with a poster giving details of the subject, time and hosts for that week.  The chat happens every Thursday on Twitter at 1pm – 2pm GMT.   Each week we discuss a different topic related to travelling Africa, which is facilitated by @myafricanpass, the experts (mentioned above) and (sometimes) a guest host.  Please spread the word by sharing the details or the poster to your network so as many people as possible can join in.



  • If you have a Twitter account all you need to do is search the hashtag AFRONOMADS to follow the conversation or join in on the chat by including #AFRONOMADS with your own tweets so everyone can see your comments and respond.  You can also search the hashtag on Tweetdeck or Hootsuite.  You may include photos, videos, vines and GIFs in your tweets about the subject.
  • You can keep up with the chat on your timeline by following all the experts (listed above) and guest hosts mentioned on the poster.
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can sign up for a free one here.
  • If you would like to host a chat or suggest a subject, please message @myafricanpass or email



  • You will learn a lot about Africa from local Africans and lovers of Africa who know the continent inside out.
  • You will get tips on travelling the continent, attractions to visit, festivals to go to, places to eat and shop, tips on travelling solo and general tips on safety etc.
  • You will be able to share your recommendations, stories and photos of travelling the beautiful continent.
  • Most of all, you will make new Twitter friends and followers to engage with and possible work or plan future trips with.
  • This is such a fun way to get talking about Africa in a positive light and sharing this view with the world 🙂


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Let’s get chatting!

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