Vuyiswa in Uganda

Vuyiswa in Uganda

A true lover of travel and music, Vuyiswa Matomane is living her dream of touring the African continent and attending some of its best musical festivals.  We caught up with her whilst she was in Uganda.


  • What’s the most beautiful thing about Uganda and why?

The most beautiful thing about Uganda has to be the people. I travelled to Kampala alone to attend the Bayimba festival and I was very nervous as I’m so used to travelling with friends and other fellow lovers of Africa.  As much as I travelled solo, I was never truly alone for one moment.  I met so many wonderful strangers who helped me navigate my way around the city, helped me get the best deal when changing currency, danced the night away with me, took me to markets and opened their homes to me.  This is what keeps me travelling the African continent, the spirit of the people.  Everywhere I’ve been so far people have been so kind and welcoming.  The spirit of ‘Ubuntu’ has been so alive in all the countries I’ve been to.


  • Have you found any cool local hangouts?

The coolest hangout spot this past weekend had to be ‘The National Theatre’ home of the Bayimba Arts Festival. There was poetry, dance, film screenings, theatre shows and loads of live music.  As an African music lover, it was quite a treat for me to see artists from Cameroon, Mali, Kenya and loads of local Ugandan artists as well.


  • What’s your favourite Ugandan dish?

My favourite dishes were Matooke, which is pounded banana and I must have eaten a ‘Rolex’, i.e. Ugandan street food made of eggs, onions, peppers and chapatti every day.  It’s also the perfect snack for a budget traveller, cheap and filling.


  • Why did you want to travel Africa?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but the older I grew and the more I fell in love with African music, the stronger my desire to travel the African continent became. So I found a way of combining my love for the music and travel by attending music festivals around the continent. So far I’ve been to the Bush Fire Festival in Swaziland, Sauti Za Busara in Zanzibar, HIFA in Zimbabwe, Lake of Stars in Malawi and now Bayimba Festival in Uganda. I guess it’s a combination of the music, food and the people.


  • Which country will you be visiting next?
Ideally my next travel destination would be Mali, home to some of the worlds greatest music, to attend “The Festival In The Dessert” (Festival au Desert) but because of the ongoing conflict in that region it doesn’t seem like it’s possible at the moment. The festival is still in ‘exile’ but it’s my dream to go there one day as soon as soon as the festival returns. In the meantime the search continues for more music festivals on the African continent, when I find them I will decide on my next destination. For now I dream of a peaceful Africa without borders and united by music.
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