Why Should You Travel The African Continent?

Why Should You Travel The African Continent?

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The African continent is full of so many different people, cultures and traditions.  With a population of almost a billion, any traveller is bound to find something that they love doing. To celebrate tourism month 2017, we’ve listed a few interesting reasons why you should travel the African continent.


Learn Numerous Languages

There are thousands of languages spoken across the continent. Some countries like Nigeria, have over 100 languages. English is widely spoken and several countries speak other European languages like French (Guinea, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Morocco, Cameroon), Portuguese (Angola), German (Namibia, South Africa) and Spanish (Equatorial Guinea). The continent is a perfect place to learn a new African language or learn about languages.


See Natural Sites

Although one may think African countries are underdeveloped, these countries are actually preserving some of their natural sites. UNESCO has listed over 200 world heritage sites in Africa, for example; Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Stone Town of Zanzibar, Lake Malawi National Park in Malawi, Okavango Delta in Botswana and Kunta Kinteh Island in The Gambia.


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Develop a Startup

Business tourism is increasing and startups are booming in places like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. There’s a wave of entrepreneurs travelling to Africa to set up businesses and make use of the talent and resources the continent has to offer.  Entrepreneurs are opening art galleries, restaurants, mobile phone apps and more. Find out how they made it in Africa here or better still, you can find out on your next visit!



See Amazing Architecture

The buildings and landscapes are jaw dropping. Africans are creative in designing and constructing buildings to suit their climate and terrain. They use natural materials like stones and sticks to help build houses, offices and schools.  Makoko Floating School in Nigeria is a fantastic example of African architecture at its best. There is a massive rise in modern buildings and sky scrapers too in countries like Nigeria, Angola, Egypt and Kenya.


The Music Industry

Music is becoming one of the biggest exports from Africa. Afro-beats and African-house genres are really popular in the west and southern parts of Africa.  African artists are making hits, going on tours and appearing at festivals.  There are over 100 festivals and carnivals to attend yearly around the continent such as Lake of stars in Malawi and the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in South Africa.  This is the best continent to visit if you love music and dancing! If you can’t attend a festival, don’t worry as the clubs play all of the best local and international music.


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