Doing Business: Morocco

Here is a quick round up of ideas we thought would be good to consider if you are considering doing business in Morocco. To find out more information, join this webinar on 30th June, get in contact with the British Chambers of Commerce for Morocco or click on useful links below for further information.

Textiles/Arts & Crafts Moroccans are talented craftsmen who make (almost) everything by hand. They specialise in making things from clay, metal, wood and textiles. We wondered the Souks and bargained for authentic leather bags that would’ve cost an arm and leg in London. Ideas: export/wholesale textile goods, art gallery/dealer, bespoke furniture designer/supplier, interior designer/stylist

Agriculture currently accounts for 39.1% of the local workforce**. On our first day in Marrakech our Riad host told us ‘you will never starve in this country’ and he was absolutely right. The food was surplus and the flavours were absolutely amazing. We had a mix of hotel, restaurant and street food and all were good value for money. Ideas: supplier of herbs and spices, restaurateur, farmer, argon oil distributor

Tourism is a major and growing sector, with over 9 million visitors to the Kingdom in 2013. Tourism revenue also increased by 2% in 2013*. Morocco is one of Africa’s top tourist destinations and its most popular cities to visit are Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, and Rabat, although there are many other wonderful cities to stopover. Ideas: Riad owner***, tour operator, adventure travel trips, museum/gallery owner

Phosphates mining and processing is the biggest industry in Morocco and not that easy to get into unless you have a few million lying around to invest…



***We absolutely loved staying in a Riad! The Riad we stayed in was previously a Moroccan family home that had been transformed into a boutique hotel. Riad’s only have a few rooms and the service is very personalised. If you are into hospitality and would enjoy running a boutique style hotel then buying or building a Riad is definitely a good choice. Want us to introduce you to a real estate company? Contact us for more details.

Useful links: British Moroccan Chambers of Commerce Invest in Morocco Certificat Négatif The Moroccan National Tourism Office

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