Interview: Moving Back to Ghana

Interview: Moving Back to Ghana

Chris is an entrepreneur on thee verge of moving back to Ghana to set up a paper distribution business.


In this interview Chris gives us a quick insight into his big move:

1. What prompted you to leave London to go and start-up in Ghana?

From a recent visit in 2014, I realised there were several business opportunities in Ghana and I also discovered that the barriers of entry were lower than those in Europe. As an African diaspora I found it easier to mix western business principles with African culture. I truly believe entrepreneurship from diaspora is the way forward to enhance economic development in African countries due to our understanding of African culture and western business principles.

2. How are you preparing to make the move?

Firstly and sadly I had to resign from my job, (I don’t advise everyone to do this).  I truly believe in my heart to make A4Africa I had to take a calculated risk.

3. What will you be doing in Ghana?

I recently set up a business called A4Africa, which supplies A4 and A3 paper to education institutes, offices and government departments. In 2016 we will be launching ‘Camp Africa’ where diaspora will be going to the private areas of African villages to empower and teach kids maths and English plus entrepreneurial techniques to help them set up their own business in the future that will consequently contribute to the economic development of Africa.

4. What do you love about Ghana?

I love several things about Ghana, one of the main things is the culture of happiness and joyousness. I also love the fact that being a diaspora I am still embraced into the Ghanaian community as if I was raised there.

5. What 3 tips would you give to someone thinking of moving to Ghana to set up a business?

Firstly, make sure there is a demand for the product/service you are going to offer. Secondly, make sure you understand the culture of business in Ghana because business relationships tend to be very personal rather than formal. And lastly, double-check everything in terms of prices you have been quoted, laws and legislation.

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