5 Reasons to Attend Afropunk Festival

5 Reasons to Attend Afropunk Festival

What is Afropunk Fest? We aren’t too sure how to describe it, however if we were to sum it up in three words, we’d say cool, colourful, creative.  If you haven’t been yet then these reasons will help you book your tickets to an event near you:


Afropunk festival is hosted all over the world! Well nearly…

  • Afropunk Fest is hosted in 5 cities over 3 continents; Atlanta, Brooklyn, Johannesburg, London and Paris.  Not so easy to give an excuse about ‘it’s too far or it’s not in my city’.  Even if you don’t live in these cities, they are easy to get to.  Tip: These cities are tourist hotspots so maybe you can tick them off your bucket list by attending the festival and killing two birds with one stone! This year’s festival dates are as follows:
    • Paris, France (Europe), 15-16 July 2017
    • London, United Kingdom (Europe), 22-23 July 2017
    • Brooklyn, USA (North America), 26-27 August 2017
    • Atlanta, USA (North America), 14-15 October 2017
    • Johannesburg, South Africa (Africa), dates TBC in December 2017


You can be creative with your style

  • There are no limits when it comes to fashion.  Your style will be loved and admired by all festival goers and fashionistas.  Tip: Go all out, be colourful and crazy.  You might get snapped by the fashion police at the festival and profiled on their site 🙂

Afropunk fashion

You’ll meet some really cool people

  • This is a great place to network and find new creatives to collaborate with; artists, fashion designers, musicians etc.  Tip: Tell your social network you will be at Afropunk Fest!  They may just reach out and say ‘I’m going to, let’s meet up!’


There are a load of amazing artists to see

  • The lineup at each event is really good.  The organisers have carefully curated this list of international musicians to entertain everyone over two days.  Tip: Each city has its own line-up and you can find out who’s performing on the event pages.  Check out who’s performing in London here.


There’s more to the festival than just music

  • There will be food and drink vendors, art stalls and markets where you can buy shoes, clothes, and accessories.  Tip: Have a fashion brand or want to host your food pop-up? Get in contact with Afropunk on their market page and apply up to be a vendor.


We are so looking forward to attending this year!  Hope to see you there 🙂


(Images source: Afropunk.com)

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