African Food: Home to Abroad

African Food: Home to Abroad

Featured image: Shisa Nama at Chaf Pozi by Eat Out


Africa has some of the most unique and tastiest food in the world and its culinary offerings are as diverse as the people and countries that make up the continent.  This diversity is often reflected in the many local culinary traditions in terms of how the food is prepared, choice of ingredients and cooking techniques.  Food is definitely a focal point of African culture and an insight into the customs, traditions and flavours of the people themselves.  With hundreds of different styles of food and influences from a variety of countries, Africa should be on every foodie’s list of places to explore.


Chaf Pozi Restaurant


A well-prepared authentic meal is always a highlight of my trip to South Africa, whether that’s home cooked food, street food, or a restaurant specialising in traditional African dishes.  For a real taste of South Africa, I think an authentic Shisa Nyama is an eating experience not to be missed.  Visitors select their own meat, usually comprising of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, or boerewors (a spicy sausage), which is then barbecued to order and accompanied with an obligatory side-serving of pap – white corn maize and chakalaka – a spicy relish made of carrots, tomatoes, beans, onions, chilli and that secret ingredient that will distinguish it from anyone else’s!  When I was in Johannesburg I visited Chaf Pozi.  Set at the base of the iconic Orlando Towers in Soweto, it has become a local institution and I also went to Meat Meet in Deipkloof, Soweto. Here you get to experience great food with a vibe that’s authentic to South Africa.


Toks Kitchen


When it comes to food in the UK, London can truly claim to be one of the world’s most multicultural cities and African food is widely available in the metropolis.  Whether you’re looking for a fragrant North African tagine, East African injera bread topped with spicy stew, a South African bunnychow, or West African stew & jollof rice, London has it all.  There is now a new wave of African food restaurants, pop-ups and cooks; for example Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, Lemlem Kitchen, Chuku’s, Chalé! Let’s Eat, Tokunbo’s Kitchen, Ndudu-by-Fafa and Freda Muyambo (to name a few); forging the way ahead in bringing African food to the mainstream.  As said by Tokunbo of Tokunbo’s Kitchen…


“It’s truly an exciting time to be part of the emerging African Foodpreneurs!”



Special guest post by @MissYolisa1. Yolisa’s passions include Travel, Africa & Food.  With a working background as a TV presenter, she has been lucky enough to be able to combine her passions with her work and has an online restaurant video guide YoYumTum.  Yolisa is currently in the process of creating a travel programme that champions the sights, sounds and luxury of Africa.

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