Taste of Africa Dinner Club

This week I took a spontaneous trip to Borough Market for lunch. I love Borough/London Bridge area and know it inside out as I grew up there before my parents forcibly moved us out the ends!


So I strolled around the food stalls on a Monday afternoon looking for something tasty, filling and under a fiver (as I’m saving for my next trip) and came across an Ethiopian stall.  Obviously it seemed like the most fitting choice seen as I’m all things African these days.  There was also an Egyptian stall but the Ethiopian looked spicy and came with rice. In most west African countries or households you have not eaten a meal unless you’ve eaten rice lol!


I waited patiently in the queue whilst deciding on whether to get chicken or beef stew.  I went for the beef because it had more of a sauce base to it.  I had never eaten Ethiopian food prior to this, however I did have Eritrean food, which is very similar.


I made the right choice, the meal was delicious and filling.  I had rice, beef stew, spinach, carrot and cabbage veg. I absolutely loved everything about this meal.  It was spicy, the beef was succulent and the veg was cooked well.


After that meal, I had a brainstorm.  Why not try out food from other African countries? I mean, I’ve been missing out!  I would never have known how lovely Ethiopian food was until I had a taste of Eritrean food at my friend’s wedding a few weeks back. So now I’m on a quest and I want you to join me (if you’re in London).  RSVP to the Taste of Africa Dinner Club and let’s find our way around African  restaurants in London until we try all foods from every country on the continent!  Hopefully we can find these restaurants and if not, could be a business opportunity for someone to open one up!


See you at dinner x


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