Taste of Nigeria

Taste of Nigeria

To all the Nigerian’s who have ever been offended by me about their food, provoked about how hard the meat is to chew and how sour the jollof rice tastes (due to it being heavily drowned in tomato puree), I beg you, please forgive me. I was quite sceptical about Enish Nigerian Restaurant and Grill and although I was told about how nice the food was, the feedback was from a Nigerian friend, so I thought he was being biased, however this time I was really blown away. The food was amazing. I tasted and loved every dish the group ordered. We ate classic dishes like okro soup and pounded yam, egusi soup, jollof rice with plantain, peppered chicken, fish and meat.


The restaurant has been up and running for a little over two years now. The décor is clean and it is very spacious. The ambience is relaxed with a good mix of Afrobeats playing in the background whilst guests are served by attentive staff dressed in traditional attire. I particularly liked their attention to technology. All tables had a remote control that guests can use to call staff, order food or drinks by a click of a button. No need to shout and no need to get up from your table.


The starters and main dish portions were very generous and as some guests weren’t able to finish their meals they had the option to take it away. I had the fresh fried fish, which was perfectly dressed with a tasty stew that was more than enough for me to dip in my pounded yam. The goat meat was chewy (I didn’t say hard lol) and well seasoned in suya pepper, which made a few people’s noses run whilst eating 🙂


The bar was also fully equipped with a selection of traditional Nigerian beers and palm wine, as well as the more common alcohol and soft drinks. The bottles were typical Nigerian (i.e. large) with enough drink inside to share between two people. The prices were very reasonable and due to the large portions of food and drink, you are getting very good value for your money.

palm wine

My verdict? Nigeria is thousands of miles away but thank God Enish is quite local(ish) to me.  If you’re ever going past the restaurant, pop in and look for me!


I will more than likely organise another dinner at Enish so keep informed by joining our dinner club and RSVP to the next date!


Address: 228 Lewisham High Street, London, SE13 6JU
Website: www.enish.co.uk
Telephone: 020 8318 7527

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