Top Picks: Senegalese Food

Top Picks: Senegalese Food

At one of our dinner club events a member mentioned how delicious Senegalese food was when she tried the cuisine on her trip to Senegal.  The member was a Nigerian so I was even more surprised when she said that the Senegalese jollof rice was the best she had tasted as a majority of Nigerians only think theirs is the best.  Ever since then I’ve been really anxious to find a Senegalese restaurant.  It so happened that one sunny afternoon, whilst walking through Waterloo I stumbled across a food market in Lower Marsh that had a stall that served traditional Senegalese cuisines!  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I ordered the lamb dibi served with jollof rice, plantain and salad.  I must say for £5 a meal this was one of the best street stalls I’ve ever come across.  The portion was medium but could pass for large, the lamb was well cooked and the jollof rice was perfect.  It’s fair to say I enjoyed the food.


In light of our new-found love for Senegalese food, it’s only right that we share a few dishes Senegal has to offer:

  • Thiéboudienne – chunks of fish stuffed with herbs, served on a bed of rice and vegetables
  • Yassa – grilled chicken or fish marinated in lemon juice and onions
  • Mafe – chicken or beef stew simmered in peanut butter sauce with vegetables
  • Dibi – grilled lamb marinated in spices and usually served with rice
  • Banana Fritters – a batter fried banana sprinkled in sugar (for dessert)


What’s your favourite Senegalese dish?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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