Lexy B

Interview: London to Accra

After years of visiting Ghana, Lexy has finally decided to settle there. We recently caught up with her to tell us how she prepared for her big move back to her motherland.

What prompted you to leave London to go and settle in Accra?

Now, let me say thank you for the opportunity of sharing my story. I’ve always said I would move to Ghana but I just wasn’t sure of when. With every visit I made the more I felt the need to settle there. The motivators were simple really; my daughters’ education (both academically and culturally), my progress in my career and my contribution to the country.

How are you preparing to make the move?

I’ve been preparing unconsciously from the day that I was born but consciously over the past year. I left my permanent job months ago in pursuit of moving and have taken short-term contracts (with less responsibility) so I can prepare for my departure. I took my daughter to Ghana to sit an entrance exam, had an event in Ghana in order to widen my network and have taken several trips to arrange accommodation and interviews etc.

What are you going to do?

When I arrive in Ghana I’ll be working as a consultant for LX HR Consultancy providing training and development, Recuritment services and HR consultancy.  I will also do some consulting and lecturing in some businesses and educational institutions.


What do you love about the country?

What I love about Ghana is the same thing I dislike about Ghana; the people. I also love our culture, food, scenery, music and history.

What 3 tips would you give to something thinking of moving to Ghana?

My three tips: persistence and perseverance, mental strength and capacity and purpose.

How can we keep up with your journey?

I’ll probably end up creating a blog about my journey but that’s far too much work right now so I’ll just tweet about it and perhaps find a relevant twitter hashtag. You can follow me on Twitter: @lexyboahene or find me on LinkedIn: Lexy Owusu-Boahene.