Top Tips: Visiting Liberia

Top Tips: Visiting Liberia

Photos by Mark Stratton


If you haven’t been to Liberia then make it happen as soon as possible.  The country has a lot to offer tourists when it comes to luxury places to stay, fun things to do and cool places to eat and drink.

How to get there

Tip 1: Liberia is easy to get to from the UK. KLM offers 3 weekly flights to Monrovia, from 17 departure points across the UK via Amsterdam. If you don’t have an ECOWAS passport you will need to get a visa from the embassy in Great Portland Street. Find out more here. You will also need a yellow fever card and malaria tablets, which you can get over the counter at a pharmacy.

Where to stay

Tip 2: For hotels in the city, Mamba Point and Royal Grand Hotel are good choices. Both are 5* hotels with great facilities. They are in the heart of Monrovia located near attractions like the national museum.

Tip 3: Outside Monrovia you have RLJ Kendeja Resort, which is about 40mins away. This hotel is more suited to business people, like Tony Blair who usually stays there when he visits. Tropicana Beach Resort also about 40mins away from Monrovia attracts a more youthful crowd. It has spacious apartments that can for sharing by a family or a group of friends. Libassa is an eco-lodge about 90mins away from Monrovia. Apart from its beautiful rooms and fluorescent pools, it also has a wildlife sanctuary.


How to get around

Tip 4: The easiest way to get around is in a car. You can hire a car and driver from Flash Vehicles. Their cars are perfect for getting around the city and rural areas.  If you in the city you can use the yellow tricycle taxi’s called ‘keke’, they are fast and cheap.  At night, it’s best to call a safe and reliable taxi via SOLO cabs (their basic version of Uber). The number is 7656 on the phone.

Flash Vehicles

Spending money

Tip 5: You can use US or Liberian Dollars. If you pay in USD, you will get change in Liberian Dollars. You can also use you debit/credit card in the hotels/restaurants or withdraw money from a cash machine.

Where to eat and drink

Tip 6: All the hotels serve good food. Bella Cassa updated their menu to include a mix of local and international food. Their Liberian style chicken with fried rice is very nice. If you like sushi or Italian then Mamba Point Hotel is the one for you.

Tip 7: Anglers Bar & Grill has a delicious seafood platter and other fish options. The restaurant is by the beach near Capital Hill in Monrovia.

Tip 8: The Liberian Food Centre is Monrovia’s best-kept secret. It’s well-known to locals, but not so much to tourists. The food joint serves cheap authentic Liberian dishes.

Liberian jollof rice

Tip 9: For drinks, cocktails at Living Room (rooftop bar at the top floor of the Royal Grand Hotel) are second to none. You can get the local beer from most bars and restaurants for $2!

What to do there

Tip 10: To get a real insight into Liberia, it’s culture and history; go on a tour with West-Tourism. Their tour guides are knowledgeable, fun and helpful. They can organise trips to see the Kpatawee Waterfalls, do some surfing at Nana’s Lodge, learn to cook Liberian food and visit the chimpanzee zoo!

Surf lesson

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