Top Picks: 5 Hangouts in Freetown

Top Picks: 5 Hangouts in Freetown

The Hub

The Hub; a stylish, luxurious hotel with restaurant, bar and large screen TVs where you can watch all the live football! The ambience is very cool and fun. The crowd is young (at heart), creative and well-connected making The Hub a great place for networking and socialising with professionals. The venue also has other facilities you can make use of such as the swimming pool and gym. The Hub gets quite busy after 9pm so get there early to get a good parking space or better still, get dropped off by a taxi.



Lagunda is a Lebanese owned restaurant and bar. The scenic views from the outdoor dining area overlook the sea and the city’s landscape. The restaurant is well manned by finely dressed staff and security that are friendly and helpful. The menu offers a mix of traditional dishes with a modern twist. Not a wide range of desserts but just enough to satisfy any sweet tooth. Want to make a night of it? This venue also has a dancing area below the restaurant where a DJ plays great music until wee hours of the morning.

Batas Street

The bars on Batas Street are very well hidden. You definitely need to be taken there by a local who knows the codes for entry. Depending on which political party the local supports will determine which bar you go to. This street has two well-known, politically connected bars for the two biggest parties in Sierra Leone. Thinking of a future in politics? This is where you need to be hanging out on week nights. The bars serve food, drinks and play light music in the background. Conversations are largely political with people boasting of their roles in government and who is going to Oxford or Harvard to do a doctorate in UK or US respectively.


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The Markets

During the day, Freetown’s’ markets are the busiest most vibrant places in the city. The markets are colourful, buzzing with energy and home to a large range of raw meats, groceries, spices, mouth-watering fruits, vegetables, arts and crafts, beautiful textiles and furnishings. The traders come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; men, women, children and they all love a good haggle. You are definitely spoilt for choice for shopping at Waterloo, Lumley, Big Market, Kissy Street and Victoria Park markets to name a few. The best way to get around the markets are to walk so you can get through little alleyways that take you behind the stalls and into spaces where you will find makeshift bars to have a quick drink or even play a game of chess with the locals.

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The Golf and Tennis Club

Apart from the numerous football pitches, Freetown also has golf park and tennis courts by Lumley Beach. You have to be a member of the club to use its sports facilities, however for a reasonable membership price you can play golf and tennis at your leisure. There is also a bar and restaurant space for non-members who want to chill and watch sports on TV. The good thing about this club is that it’s child friendly (apart from the bar area) so you can take the kids to play with you.



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