Beaches: Where are the best in Africa?

Beaches: Where are the best in Africa?

A beach holiday in Africa should definitely be on everyone’s wish list.  Sun, sand and sea is a perfect combo for any traveller, whether it be a solo trip to relax, group holiday or honeymoon.  Apart from the rainy season in some countries, it is literally sunny all year around on the continent.  We can’t really name the ‘best’ beaches in Africa as to be honest there are way too many to consider and everyone surely has their own favourite beach for various reasons!  This wish list is just our first of many must visit beaches in Africa.



  • Tokeh Beach in Sierra Leone is just a few miles east of Freetown on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest beach in Sierra Leone with beautiful mountains and forests nearby and an Island a short boat ride away. The beach is a top attraction due to its pure white sands and luxury lodges such as ‘The Place’ and ‘Tokeh Sands Beach Resort’.

Tokeh Beach


  • Boulders Beach, South Africa, is well-known not only for its huge ancient granite boulders but also for its large African Penguin colony. Situated in Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, the beach is clean and tidy with board-walks towards to Foxy Beach where you can get a great view of the endangered penguins.


  • Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of six islands off the coast of Vilanculos in Mozambique. .  The archipelago has stunning, unspoilt beaches, alongside turquoise waters filled with colourful fishes. Recognised as a marine national park, it is the perfect place to explore species of birds, fishes and sea cows.

Bazaruto Beach

  • Lake Malawi, Malawi. We haven’t mentioned a particular beach as there are quite a few stunning ones along Lake Malawi. Whether you are in Malawi, Tanzania or Mozambique the lake is complimented by beautiful beaches and neighbouring islands. The lake is great for snorkelling and scuba diving in its clear waters where you can mingle with the largest species of cichlid fishes.


  • Coconut Beach, Nigeria is in Badagry Town a few miles west of Lagos city.  Coconut Beach, named after the coconut trees that surround the beach, is the go to place for locals and tourists to relax and get away from the busy streets of Lagos. Nearby is Badagry coconut market, which is the biggest coconut market in west Africa.


Which African beaches have you been to?  Which were your favourite?  Leave us a comment below or send your photos to and we will profile them.

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