5 reasons why you should travel Africa

5 reasons why you should travel Africa

We could think of 54 reasons why your next holiday should be to somewhere in Africa, but there’s really no need to list all the countries on the continent so we will give you five reasons that will encourage you to plan your next trip there!  Which ever African country you decide to visit, you will not be disappointed. Obviously we are a little biased, so we got some answers from our twitter friends who join in on our weekly travel Africa twitter chats.

@MsYoLisa1: Africa has it all! Culture, history, varied landscapes, amazing architecture, stunning beaches and great cuisines.


1. Culture: Africa is home to numerous cultures, customs, tribes and traditions. @Dsocialprefect: Our culture is rich, from Massai, to Swahili, to Yoruba, to Igbo and many more…what’s not to love?”.  The people are friendly, welcoming and engaging.  One way to experience the culture is to attend festivals and carnivals.  Almost every country hosts their own festival and some host more than one a year.  We’ve been to Lake of Stars music festival in Malawi and it was fantastic!


2. Food: Prepare yourself for mouth-watering flavours and fully indulge in the multiple cuisines from injera bread in the Ethiopia, lamb tajine in the Morocco, jollof rice in Senegal and spicy curries in South Africa. “@adjpants: Travel Africa because the experience will change you forever. It’s a kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and cultures”.


3. Experience: Don’t believe what anyone tells you, just go and experience it for yourself. Whether you want to relax on a scenic beach or go on an adventure in the forests, the continent accommodates all on a backpack or luxury budget. @TOWIGhana: Travelling Africa will change your life, once you have been brought up in the western world. You appreciate so much more”.   “@adjpants: Travel Africa so you stop thinking of it as a monolith. You’ll see the beautiful uniqueness of each nation with your own eyes”.


4. Fashion: Think of bright and bold colours, striking patterns and big costume jewellery. Yes, African fashion is as bright and hot as the sun. You won’t go a day without being fascinated by the clothes worn by locals in the city or in the villages. Better still, there are loads of markets and tailors that can sell or make your own custom garments for sole or business use. @MsYoLisa1: African designers are dominating as the inspirational go to source for Western fashion designers”.


5. Countries: If you didn’t know Africa is not a country, well you know now.  There are 54 unique countries on the continent, each with their own breathtaking landscapes, fascinating wildlife and extraordinary history.  With millions of people speaking thousands of languages, it’s no wonder the cities are vibrant and diverse.


What are your reasons for wanting to travel this diverse, colourful, exciting continent?  Let us know in the comment box below.

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