5 Reasons to Visit Malawi

5 Reasons to Visit Malawi

Lake Malawi
Situated between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania, the stunning Lake Malawi is one of the largest lakes in the world.  Its crystal clear waters are filled with exotic fishes and also attract various birds and wildlife. The beaches are golden under the sun and the beautiful islands are just a short boat ride away.  Good for boat rides, snorkelling and sunbathing.


Malawians have a long list of traditional dances and initiation ceremonies that are apart of their daily lives, which can be experienced by visiting one of their rural villages.  One can also enjoy 3 days of music, art and culture at Malawi’s internationally renowned festival; Lake of Stars. The festival happens at the end of September each year in Sunbird, Nkopola.  Good for events and social activities.


Malawi has a variety of mountains, plateaus, forests and rivers.  With clear paths, walking or climbing up the mountains will reward you with breathtaking views of the lower land, highlands and forests.  Apart from the city area, the rural lands are barely untouched for one to enjoy its natural beauty.  Good for hiking and photography.


National parks
Love wildlife?  You are definitely spoilt for choice as there are several national parks around the country, filled with elephants, leopards, hyenas, rhinos, zebras, buffaloes and many more mammals and birds. There’s a range of accommodation in all the parks so if you want, you can spend a night in the midst of these amazing animals.  The Liwonde National Park is known as one of the best parks in Malawi located nearby Lake Malawi.  Good for safari’s and game reserves.


There approximately 16 million Malawians, with a majority living in villages across the country.  The most popular tribes are Chewa, Maravi, Nyanja, Tumbuka and Yao.  The people are welcoming and friendly, which is why the country is well-known for being the ‘warm heart of Africa’.  They appreciate visitors attempting to blend in by speaking Chichewa, the local language.  Moni (hello) and Zikomo (thank you) are winners with the locals.  Good for engaging with the locals.

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