Tips for travelling whilst pregnant

Tips for travelling whilst pregnant

Being pregnant is amazing, however travelling whilst pregnant can be a little difficult. For first time mothers, going on a trip before your baby arrives is definitely becoming a thing, aka ‘baby moon’. I suppose it’s your last chance to go on holiday and enjoy your time alone or with your partner without having your child be the centre of attention.  It’s also the last time of having a cheap holiday as travelling with kids is expensive!

From my first experience of travelling at 6 months pregnant, I’d say pregnant women need to be cared for more and be classed as priority. They should automatically get aisle seat or a seat with more space so they can stretch and move about easily (at no extra cost). However, there are things that you can do to make your trip more comfortable.

So, if your planning on going away whilst pregnant, here are my top 5 tips:

  • Let people know. Discuss the idea with your partner or let him know if he’s not going with you. Tell family members so they know you’ll be away. Talk to your doctor about where and when you plan to go and find out if you need any vaccinations.  Advise your travel insurance company that you’re pregnant – they might have a maximum number of weeks you can be covered for. It’s mostly advised to travel before the 3rd trimester, which is up to 6 months. Some people travel up to 8 months pregnant if they have no complications.  When you get to the airport, let check in / flight attendants know, as they might just give you a seat on the aisle or one with more leg space.
  • Choose your destination wisely. Research and check travel information on the country you plan to visit. Some tropical countries may not be good for pregnant women. Go somewhere that has good medical facilities in case you go into labour early.  Pick a country that’s not too far to get to so you’re on a short haul (preferably direct) flight.
  • Pack essentials. Take copies of your medical notes just in case of an emergency. Don’t forget your vitamins or medication (if you’re taking any). Pack lots of snacks and drink lots of water during the flight and whilst you’re out and about. Don’t overpack if you’re travelling alone as carrying too much isn’t good for you. Make sure you use wheelie bags/suitcases. The less you have to carry on your shoulders the better.
  • Be comfortable. Try and get an aisle seat so you can get up easily for toilet or to exercise/stretch. Go toilet before the plane takes off. Wear flat shoes, trainers / loose clothing. Carry a fan if you’re going somewhere hot and extra layers if going somewhere cold. Give yourself enough time to get to places so you don’t feel rushed. It takes double the time to walk to places when carrying a baby. Btw waddling is real!
  • Go with your partner or friend. Being pregnant can be boring so being pregnant in a country you don’t know anyone or can’t speak their language is even more boring. Take someone with you for good company, to help you carry your luggage and take pictures of you 🙂

Have any other tips? Please comment below 🙂

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