Getting Ready for Lagos

Getting Ready for Lagos

Preparing for a trip can be quite stressful and exciting at the same time.  Here are a few tips for getting ready for a trip to Lagos:


  • Health

Lagos has so many street food stalls, which will tempt foodies to indulge in their local dishes.  If you don’t have a strong stomach, make sure you take a pack or two of Imodium tablets to ease a runny stomach if need be.  Also pack tissues and sanitiser gels to carry with you as you travel around the city.


  • Finance

Foreign exchange rates are better in Nigeria so change your money when you arrive in Lagos.  The Nigerian government is promoting a campaign for people to spend their currency and buy their local products so try not to spend pounds or dollars.  For safety only take small amounts of money out with you for your daily spend.  You are also able to use your debit cards, however maybe take a pre-paid visa card with you.


  • Clothes

Nigerians are massive fashionista’s.  If you know someone local ask them to arrange an appointment with their tailor so you can get some bespoke outfits made for going out or if you plan to attend special events.  For everyday wear, take light clothes as the weather will be hot and humid.  The city is quite dusty so take trainers or shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.


  • Tour Guide

If you don’t know anyone in town, find a local tour guide before you go so they can show you around.  There are group tours arranged by Unravelling Nigeria and Social Prefect that show you around the city’s iconic sites.  For water sports, bars and night life, check out London to Lagos tours.  You can also find details of their tours on our website.


  • Mentality

Lagos is well-known to be a hustlers city so be mentally prepared to say no and mean no to people trying to sell you things you do not want.  Haggle hard to get prices down as traders and taxi’s will charge you double the price once they hear your foreign accent.  You may also meet men and women who will tell you they love you just to get money or goods from you. Practice patience especially when it comes to sitting in traffic and waiting on people.



You will experience an amazing city with fascinating people.  Hope you have a great time!



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