Review: Norman Carr Cottage

Review: Norman Carr Cottage

I must admit I felt a little disappointed when I approached Norman Carr Cottage on my first day, as I didn’t know that I had arrived at the rear of the cottage in a car park surrounded by trees.  I got out of the car and walked up the pathway that led to the front of the cottage and I was greeted by a beautiful view of sun, sea and sand.


NCC beach

I was welcomed by Taffy, a lovely South African man who manages the cottage and his staff who were all very helpful in showing me my room and carrying my luggage.  I had a double room, with a separate indoor toilet and outdoor shower where you are very likely to see monkeys swinging through the trees over your head whilst you clean up.  The rooms do not have keys and can only be locked from the inside but not to worry as everyone on-site is trustworthy.


The cottage had some great facilities such as a pool, hammocks, dining area, bar, garden and library.  The hot/cold water and electricity were constantly running and there is also a local Wi-Fi hotspot you can login to when you buy credit.  The food was exceptional.  English breakfasts in the morning, chicken pasta with cheese and mushrooms for lunch and a buffet dinner with a range of chicken and meat, salads, rice, potatoes and vegetables.  I was even more surprised that there was dessert too! Not just fruit salad, but cake!  I totally loved the chocolate sponge cake with ice-cream.


Norman Carr Cottage is located in Namakoma (not too far from Monkey Bay) by the southern part of the infamous Lake Malawi and is quite secluded, which is perfect for a relaxing time away from the city.  The views from the outdoor dining area are spectacular under the sun.  The sand is warm and the sea is crystal clear.  You can sunbathe or relax on the beach chairs or just take in the scenic views whilst sitting at the bar.


What I really liked about staying at this cottage is that you pay a price for a room and everything is included. When going on holiday you really don’t want the hassle of calculating everything you order on a daily basis.  All meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner are included as well a range of activities such as a daily boat ride, canoeing, snorkelling and bird watching.

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